“Workshops” come in different formats, including classes and retreats, and are a great way to broaden your skill set, refine your own process, and find greater Joy in your Journey.



Sacred Awakenings Fall Retreat

It is finally here, the Sacred Awakenings Retreat for the Fall of 2019!

My dear friend and colleague Jenn Brook and I have partnered up to bring you this soul-expanding retreat opportunity. Created with the intention of gathering women in a sacred space to share the path to mindfulness and healing while connecting with nature, this is an incredible opportunity to enjoy a healing, empowering and educational weekend where you can disconnect from the demands of day to day life, and reconnect with your inner goddess, and increase your capacity to receive Joy,

What can you expect from the Sacred Awakenings Retreat?
~ 3 days & 2 nights of cozy accommodations at a rural lodge.
~ Plenty of time to relax and reflect
~ Access to hiking trails, and acres of private land for wandering and discovery.
~ Delicious, organic meals, prepared for you, with your specific dietary needs in mind.
~ Multiple workshops and guided meditations.
~ Sacred Ceremonies.
~ Empowerment and manifestation exercises
~ 1-on-1 healing session with our incredible leaders.
~ Morning yoga sessions.
~ Authentic conversation with like minded women.
~ And that is just the beginning. . .

For more information make sure to click "GOING" within this Facebook Event so you don't miss any exciting announcements, and follow the "GET TICKETS" link to our website where you can get all the details about this fabulous event! Hosted by https://www.facebook.com/JennBrook/

Soda Springs, idaho october 4-6, 2019

Soda Springs, idaho october 4-6, 2019


To enhance the reception of the information and ensure you feel supported in discovering your own personal style of Energy Work, classes are small (maximum of 10 students) and comfortable.  Each student/practitioner is guided to discover and recognize their own Energetic Signature and style. Opportunities to practice and gain confidence abound within the class, allowing you to complete the course owning what you have learned with a clear understanding of how it is incorporated in your life.  

To maximize your comfort, and receptivity, please bring a personal water bottle and something with you to snack on to maintain hydration and energy levels. Snacks are often enjoyed potluck style.

Time: Classes are from 7-12 hours of instruction and practice time, ranging from 1-3 days and are scheduled by request. Minimum of 4 students per class.

Fees: Total cost is $197, with a $50 non-refundable deposit due 1 week prior to class starting to reserve your space. The balance of $147 is due 15 minutes prior to the class starting. 

Location: To be determined. Classes are pretty portable and can be taught at your location or a suitable space can be provided.

Class Options are listed below. 


Angel watercolor by Nicole ayala

Angel watercolor by Nicole ayala


Exploring Energy Healing Techniques

Introduction to Energy Healing Techniques

This two-part class is a one-time-only prerequisite for any of the other Exploring Energy Healing Classes listed below. This ensures a consistent, basic knowledge and a sure foundation on which to build your skills and knowledge base. Some of the topics covered in this Introduction include Energy Testing, Auric Cleansing, Ground & Center, Guided Meditation, and more, as well as a brief overview of several Energy Healing Modalities, including EFT, GAMMA Balancing, Reiki, and others.


Exploring Energy Healing Techniques Classes

Exploring Chakras: Healing and Use (Pre-requisite: Introduction to Energy Healing Techniques)
This class is based on Sonia Choquette's book, True Balance. Please purchase and bring your own copy to use as a workbook both during and after the class. We will be focusing on the interfering belief systems that are often centered in the Chakra centers, how to clear them, and what to put in their place. Students will also gain the skills to recognize the power of these incredible energy centers and how to utilize them consciously.


Exploring Reiki: Levels I, II, III (Pre-requisite: Introduction to Energy Healing Techniques)
This class is loosely based on Diane Stein's Essential Reiki books. A certificate of completion and a copy of the Reiki Lineage will be given to each Student who successfully completes the entire class, receives all three Attunements, and can demonstrate passing Attunements.
Students will need to purchase their own copy of Essential Reiki to use as a reference both during and after the class, and arrive in comfortable clothing.
(Optional: Consider purchasing Diane Stein's
Essential Reiki Teaching Manual as well; when you finish you will be prepared to pass Attunements and teach Reiki yourself--which is what creates a Reiki Master.)

reiki symbols.jpg

Exploring ThetaHealing(Pre-requisite: Introduction to Energy Healing Techniques)
This class is based on Vianna Stibal's books on her Energy Healing Technique called ThetaHealing™ . We will be reviewing the concepts of the 7 Planes of Existence, Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides, Intuitive Readings, both in person and remotely; and various methods for recognizing, releasing, and replacing belief systems. Students will need to purchase their own copy of ThetaHealing™ to use as a reference both during and after the class. Additional books in the series can also be purchased for greater depth of clearing methods.
Legal Disclaimer--Please Note: This class is an overview ONLY and is not designed to replace classes taught by certified ThetaHealing™ Instructors. Students will not receive certification as ThetaHealing™ Practitioners. However, all of the information provided within the ThetaHealing™ books will enable a person to comprehend and utilize the the technique, by Vianna's own design.



Conference Call Workshops Belieflets™

I am honored to follow in the footsteps of one of my mentors, Terry O'Connell, by offering her Belieflets™ series.  
There are 6 Series with 4 Sections of 1001 Beliefs each covering a total of 24 different topics.
Each 1001 Belieflets Workshop is $97.

♦ Foundational Series - 1001 Beliefs About: Love & Relationships; Money & Success; Healing & Energy; Body & Food
♦ Self Expression Series - 1001 Beliefs About: Manifesting; Voice & Speaking; Teaching & Learning; The Six Senses
♦ Home & Family Series - 1001 Beliefs About: Family; Home; Travel; The Holidays
♦ The Stages of Life Series - 1001 Beliefs About: Babies & Children; Teenagers; Grown-ups; Aging
♦ The Arts Series - 1001 Beliefs About: Writing & Writers; Art & Artists; Acting & Actors; Music & Musicians
♦ The Business Series - 1001 Beliefs About: The Business of Healing; Working for Yourself & Working for Others; Multi-Level Marketing; Investing

Previous experience in either ThetaHealing™ or The Introduction to Energy Healing Techniques is advantageous, but not required. 
Once purchased, the call-in information will be provided via email, along with a receipt of purchase.
Conference Call Workshops are usually held on Thursday mornings, 9a-12noon, Mountain Time. 
Replays are available 24 hours after the Workshop concludes and remain available for 10 days.

Belieflets™ is a registered trademark of Terry A. O’Connell. The content of Belieflets™ Workshops is copyrighted by Terry A. O’Connell. For more information go to www.thetatimes.com. This material is used with permission. All rights are reserved.”


 Practice Group Workshop

Practice Groups are monthly gatherings for Practitioners whose modalities are conducive to group work, and a $15 donation is suggested. It is an excellent opportunity to let other Practitioners know what you have to offer, your style and techniques, so they can refer you to their clients with confidence. Practice Group is also the perfect place to sharpen your skills and clear your own hindering beliefs. The layers never end, so it is nice to have a practical option for self care. Healers need healing, too. Contact me for upcoming Practice Group Workshops.


Celtic symbol for Strength

Celtic symbol for

Belieflets™ Quote of the Day: I know who I am from Creator's perspective.
This belief is from “Belieflets®: 1001 Beliefs About Body & Food” by Terry O’Connell.