Dusting Off Modalities: Voice Dialogue

Many clients ask for Reiki and Chakra tune-ups, which I love doing through an hour long, personalized Guided Meditation. When our session concludes, my clients express appreciation, new insights, and relief over finding blocks of which they were previously unaware, and are pleased to gain clarity and release those blocks. Good stuff!

However, I realized my other modalities were beginning to feel dusty from under use! So I am taking the time to explain a little bit about some of the other modalities I work with and provide opportunity to explore new terrain and avenues for finding Joy in your Journey.

It occurred to me that Reiki is a bit more familiar to folk, it is strong, stable, and comfortable. When challenges come up during a Reiki session it is usually softly approached and gently shifted. Not all challenges reconcile in this manner, though. Some challenges want to be seen, heard, experienced. Some demand recognition and refuse to go softly or subtly into the Ethers.

Voice Dialogue answers the call of many of the more intense challenges. It is intense, gutsy, and very, very deep. It is not something to take on lightly. It requires enough time to open doors and thoroughly investigate whatever is presented from the hidden corners of our psyche, resolve those issues and tuck everything back in under its new understanding. It literally gives a Voice to the disowned aspects of our lives and selves. Voice Dialogue wants to find the disconnect and realign it with our desires and Purpose. It asks how the various aspects of our personalities have been striving to heal us, care for us, protect us, and most importantly, why we needed it in the first place. Voice Dialogue pours out insight and clarity which increases confidence and a feeling of competence that is almost unfathomable before beginning.

In a tiny nutshell, the Practitioner helps the client to access an unconscious aspect of their personality. It is interesting to literally see the client’s physical demeanor change as they transform themselves into a particular personality aspect. the Voice of the Inner Child often wants to sit in a chair with his or her feet tucked up underneath them. The Voice of the Inner Critic is rather haughty and holds itself with superiority even when it has been “caught” holding totally opposing views to what it professes to be correct. The Immature Patriarch is rather blustery, whereas the Mature Patriarch is wise and benevolent. There are hundreds of these Inner Voices. Many of them were created during times of great distress in our childhood as a means of self care and protection, which means they are usually still running fairly immature belief systems and patterns that show up as self sabotage, among other things.

Utilizing the process of Voice Dialogue these inner conflicts can been seen, heard, recognized and even appreciated for the desire they have had to help the Primary Self to survive, even if it was rather misguided. Once this has happened and the Voice has “healed” a person will feel a startling sense of wholeness that did not previously exist. It is utterly sublime and liberating.

For more information about Voice Dialogue, search for founders Hal & Sidra Stone on YouTube. Here is a link to a playlist I created about them and their work.

You can also see a partial list of Voices here.

And if you are interested in exploring this powerful modality, contact me. Let’s open some doors.


That is one intense little word, Enough. She brings a lot of drama and pain when she travels in the concept of Not Enough. Not Enough is the negative-basis of nearly every person's desire for change, healing, growth, beauty, wanted-ness, validation, self-care, and so much more. Not Enough is a brutal task master, driving us to unreasonable expectations and self-perceptions. She is the spawn of Lack Consciousness, and as such, is cruel, heartless, violently voracious, and above all else, an absolute master liar. She rules Not Good Enough, Not Wise Enough, Not Thin Enough, Not Healthy Enough, Not a Good Enough Parent/ Spouse/ Child/  Employee/  Friend/ or Neighbor...etc.), Not Enough Self Control/ Will Power, Not Loving Enough, Not Tough Enough, Not Good Enough with Boundaries/ Money/ Time/ Energy/ Food/ Resources, etc.  Not Good Enough for God to Love, Not Worth Enough to be Bothered With/ Noticed, Not Attractive Enough, Not Enough to be Appreciated/ Enjoyed/ Wanted. 

You know there is one banging around inside of you. Take a minute to give it a voice and a name. It probably began in early childhood (though not always), coming on the heels of an event in which our parents or a significant person in our lives was being confronted with their own "Not Enough" and in consequence, didn't have Enough to meet our need. There is a desperate ache in a parental "There is Not Enough for me here, how will I ever manage to be/ give/ do Enough for you?!?" It creates a terrorized There Will NEVER Be Enough, which passes on, seemingly hopelessly, to the next generation. 

It is so pervasive, so present in everything, it seems impossible to escape. We medicate and marinate in many substances and thought processes while trying to find relief from Not Enough. We do this because she is utterly foreign to Who We Really Are and contradicts our very soul's essence, a knowledge of which cannot be entirely wiped out by Not Enough. It is rather like a homing beacon, constantly "pinging" with the Truth.  

In Christian theology is it the absence of Christ that causes this problem, and the presence of Christ is presented as the only cure. I found some peace here for awhile, but it was not "everlasting" as promised. Being based on a premise of judgment & worth, there are still some gaping Not Enough holes in this concept.  I imagine most belief systems and religions have similar pit falls. This is primarily due to attaching Inner Peace & Well-Being to an outside force. It will eventually lead to a place of unsettled dissatisfaction...yet another version of Not Enough. There is never Enough of anything on the outside to make up for the pain of Not Enough on the Inside. This only heals, fills, and overflows, from the flood of Not Enough's polar opposite truth: our own, individual experience with the Love Energy of which we are made. Conscious connection to our own Inner Being and the subsequent immersion in our very own Well-Being energy is the cure. In a nutshell, Love really is The Answer.

The energy which our souls are made of is the ultimate energy of all of Creation, and as such, cannot be divided or separated. We cannot be "lost" or "cut off" from our own Source. we are never seen as unworthy by our Inner Beings, either. Negative emotion is simply the guidance tool to help us recognize when we have chosen a frequency lower than who we really are. Rather than condemn, it invites us to realign and re-adjust. 

Most of us have had some kind of programming during our incarnations that erroneously taught us to disbelieve in the Love that lives within us. We are taught that it is selfish and inappropriate to seek after, much less receive, our own internal well of Love. But as we gain new insights and elect to listen more closely to our Inner Guidance System, the momentum of Love increases and begins to sweep out the faulty programming and concepts, restoring us to the innocent Truth we were born with.

This is my Healing Focus in May (2018), to find deeper, more deliberate connection with my Inner Being (I call her IB for short, which feels like EyeBee in my head, lol). I want to be more aware of the subtle, chronically negative thoughts that have been introducing resistance. Because once we identify what we do not want, our Inner Being aligns with what we DO want, which is always, WAY more than Enough. And I want it!

Doesn't that sound delicious? To soak and marinate in More Than Enough? To have absolute knowledge of our Goodness? I'm dedicating 31 days to goosing up my ability to  resonate with the Energy of All That Is... because after all, that's Who I Am.

Thanks for stopping by. I wish for you more than enough! 

In Joy the Journey my friends. 

Just Because I Am Good At It, Doesn't Mean It Is Good For Me

My tag line is "tech support for the soul,”™ and by naming my business Intuitive Therapies I could think of myself as the "soul's IT department," which for me, was a lovely way to play with words. My primary activity this lifetime has been to provide relief, and has been the case since my earliest memories. It showed up in my role as eldest child/only daughter to a single mom, Big Sister to 6 younger brothers, a CNA, EMT, wife, homeschooling  mom,  volunteer,  healer/Lightworker, and general purpose Bridger of Gaps. I have a knack for accessing re-Sources, and helping others connect to them, on both the physical and etheric planes. 

Recently I spent several weeks redefining what that means to me via some really interesting waves of contrast through other people's lives, which overflowed into mine, of course! There are physical, emotional, spiritual, mental, and social aspects that apply to people "going through something" and often more than one will show up at a time. I noticed that each wave was bringing me opportunities to bridge stronger and more intense needs on the physical level. I was really appreciating the emergency & medical care training I had received previously. It felt good to know what to do and how to do it in a tough situation, in a manner that minimized embarrassment and maximized self-empowerment for those I was helping. It felt fabulous to realize I "still had it," and was good at "it." But after a few of those tumultuous events I noticed an odd feeling not so quietly zipping around in the background, indicating that something was off.

I spent some time meditating on this, trying to find the "offness." I found that my goal of being "tech-support" had started to filter through a lower, fear-lack belief frequency of "receiving Well-Being is precarious and easily threatened" which was translating to "urgent care" and "crisis management" for others, and of course, myself.

I heard this phrase in my Mom's voice (she passed a few years ago) as I woke up the next morning:

Just because you are good at it, doesn't mean it is good for you. 

It was time for me to clarify my desire and intention of what I wanted to create and how I wanted to receive it. I LOVE that I get to choose! I get to decide, consciously or obliviously, what I am receiving. Some people think about the need to establish boundaries or parameters, which I had done before, but that doesn't really address -my- point of attraction as much as it does the hopeful-but-erroneous control of others' behavior. My Inner Being was guiding me to a redefined and clarified Standard Operating Procedure, or a new point of attraction. Sweet!

Epiphany in a nutshell: If my self-care & Spiritual Practice functions at the level of "crisis management/ urgent care" I will set that as my Operating Procedure and point of attraction, and invite others to meet me there to validate and manifest it.  Nor is urgent care level very durable or satisfying.

Updated Standard Operating Procedure: Every. Single. Day. Connect with Source/My Inner Being to receive Tech Support for my soul, or Well-Being. Fill up my tank, revel in the Joy that IS the Journey, relish, delight, resonate, replenish, reSource, realign, and reset my Point of Attraction. Then the frequency that invites others to meet me there, to validate and manifest, will feel more satisfying and sustainable.  

It is funny, because I knew that already, that updated version. What I was oblivious to was the "crisis management/urgent care" belief system that was bubbling away under the surface, putting limitations on my ability to receive that level of Support and Well-Being. It is so freaking fun and amazing to uncover those things, clean them up and set them free!

And that is definitely good for me.