Dusting Off Modalities: Voice Dialogue

Many clients ask for Reiki and Chakra tune-ups, which I love doing through an hour long, personalized Guided Meditation. When our session concludes, my clients express appreciation, new insights, and relief over finding blocks of which they were previously unaware, and are pleased to gain clarity and release those blocks. Good stuff!

However, I realized my other modalities were beginning to feel dusty from under use! So I am taking the time to explain a little bit about some of the other modalities I work with and provide opportunity to explore new terrain and avenues for finding Joy in your Journey.

It occurred to me that Reiki is a bit more familiar to folk, it is strong, stable, and comfortable. When challenges come up during a Reiki session it is usually softly approached and gently shifted. Not all challenges reconcile in this manner, though. Some challenges want to be seen, heard, experienced. Some demand recognition and refuse to go softly or subtly into the Ethers.

Voice Dialogue answers the call of many of the more intense challenges. It is intense, gutsy, and very, very deep. It is not something to take on lightly. It requires enough time to open doors and thoroughly investigate whatever is presented from the hidden corners of our psyche, resolve those issues and tuck everything back in under its new understanding. It literally gives a Voice to the disowned aspects of our lives and selves. Voice Dialogue wants to find the disconnect and realign it with our desires and Purpose. It asks how the various aspects of our personalities have been striving to heal us, care for us, protect us, and most importantly, why we needed it in the first place. Voice Dialogue pours out insight and clarity which increases confidence and a feeling of competence that is almost unfathomable before beginning.

In a tiny nutshell, the Practitioner helps the client to access an unconscious aspect of their personality. It is interesting to literally see the client’s physical demeanor change as they transform themselves into a particular personality aspect. the Voice of the Inner Child often wants to sit in a chair with his or her feet tucked up underneath them. The Voice of the Inner Critic is rather haughty and holds itself with superiority even when it has been “caught” holding totally opposing views to what it professes to be correct. The Immature Patriarch is rather blustery, whereas the Mature Patriarch is wise and benevolent. There are hundreds of these Inner Voices. Many of them were created during times of great distress in our childhood as a means of self care and protection, which means they are usually still running fairly immature belief systems and patterns that show up as self sabotage, among other things.

Utilizing the process of Voice Dialogue these inner conflicts can been seen, heard, recognized and even appreciated for the desire they have had to help the Primary Self to survive, even if it was rather misguided. Once this has happened and the Voice has “healed” a person will feel a startling sense of wholeness that did not previously exist. It is utterly sublime and liberating.

For more information about Voice Dialogue, search for founders Hal & Sidra Stone on YouTube. Here is a link to a playlist I created about them and their work.

You can also see a partial list of Voices here.

And if you are interested in exploring this powerful modality, contact me. Let’s open some doors.