Don't Be a Lousy God!

Recently I heard a talk by Dolores Cannon that set my mind off on a new train of thought. What I heard may not be exactly what was intended, but it made so much sense to me, and had a dramatic impact on my internal dialogue and the way I think about myself, my body, and all that lies within. I’ve been “working on” self improvement for a long time. In one lightning bolt thought, so many things became clear.

I found a reference for the lines I heard and where she got them: “Dolores has published three books by Dr O T Bonnett, where he explains how it is very important to talk to the cells in our body to get their cooperation when we want something healed.  When we are able to get their attention and ask them to help us, we are the voice of God and the cells start to pay attention….”

In a nutshell: each of our cells is a consciousness, which in effect means we are a tiny, vast cosmos within ourselves. Our cells group in systems, organs, and so forth, rather like continents or even planets, working in harmony with one another, communicating and sorting themselves. Our internal dialogue, our voice echoing throughout the expanse of our internal cosmos, is like unto the “voice of god” to our cells.

And in that one thought I realized I frequently sound like a lousy god —rather Old Testament-ish, full of death, destruction, separation, judgment; harsh and cruel while occasionally tossing out a few nice, poetic lines of tenderness.

We all have that list of nonsense we crucify ourselves about, the things we hate about our personal landscape inside and out. We sing it like a hymn to our friends and on social media; we chant it to ourselves as a prayer in the in-between places of life; we preach it to our captive internal congregation at the altars of bathroom mirror, desk, windshield, and yoga mat.

Mr Bonnett was a little bit off though, according to Abraham Hicks. Rather than trying to get our cells’ attention in order to affect a change/ healing, our cells are actually seeking their own alignment with Source, their Creator, just as we are, and do not need to be convinced of their goodness. However, when we listen to the voices that argue against our divinity, our perfection, and our beautiful expansion and evolution, we feel separated from our Source of Love and Well-Being. In this WE introduce Dis-ease in our emotions which translates into the brutal voice we pour out upon our cellular Garden of Eden. We insist on soaking ourselves in disharmony and in arguing against the call of Source to each of our cells, and our selves.

You shall always find what you created in your mind, for instance, a benevolent God or an evil Devil. Between them are countless facets. Therefore, concentrate on the depth of your consciousness and on what you consider to be positive and good.
— Hans Bender

We have often settled for a low frequency of self abuse and unkindness. We have fed it to ourselves longer than we can remember. The experiments of Dr. Masaru Emoto’s The Hidden Messages in Water as well as Dr. Cleve Bakster’s experiments with plants, and even human cells as described in his book Primary Perception, give us many insights regarding how our thoughts are vibrational in nature and have an impact on both the etheric and material realms. Most of us have heard of the power of positive thinking, and many are in a chronic battle trying to find a way to think well of ourselves within the conflicting beliefs of mass consciousness’ negativity and lack.

But it was not always like this. At one time we knew we were good, worthy, wise, wanted, adored, even enjoyed by Source Energy, our Creator. This lousy- god-voice is a human construct, and as such, it is impermanent and re-programmable. We are made of and are from the frequency of Source’s Love. It is no longer necessary to bludgeon ourselves with the verbiage of the lousy-god in competition with the true message of Source’s outpouring of Well-Being.

Once we own a new Truth it is impossible to regress to unknowing. In this perfect dawning, a newness of understanding is born. That leaves us with one viable option, to hang up our lousy-god suit and embrace our Benevolent God of Joy, who proclaims the sweetness of Love, unconditional and incarnate, deep into our personal Universe. Love is the very image in which we are made.

I invite you first to fire the lousy-god within, and then I wish amazing, fear-shattering amounts of Joy to fill your internal world. Long Live the Benevolent God/Goddess (insert your name here)!

Large Cheer!

And so it is!