Soul Wanderings & My "Bio"

Recently I was invited by AJ Rasmussen, owner of the metaphysical shop, Vibez, where I work, to be a guest on her radio show, Soul Wanderings, heard on I was to submit a "bio", which is a condensed version of my life, with highlights and bullet points, in advance. Except, I don't do condensed or "less words" very well. If you have been with me for awhile, you know how much I love the feel and texture of words!

Here is the archive link to the broadcast, which was utterly amazing and fun to do, using my very best Toastmaster skills, and below is the Super Bio, which was quite eye-opening for me as well. Thanks for stopping by today!


I am a story-teller-healer. I weave energy and frequencies with words. The very first word that is at the basis of my own journey is Joy. My grandmother's name is Joyce, as is my mother's middle name, my own, both of my birth-daughter's, and a granddaughter. We are woven together by the simple understanding that there is Joy in this world to be had, as well as the instinctive desire over 5 generations of mothers to seek improvement and growth to pass on to the next generation of daughters. It is in the roots of my grandmother Joyce that my dealings with the unseen, etheric, energetic world began to take shape. She used to hide "thought-forms" of objects for us to find in her backyard, and then give us "L-rods," a type of dowsing stick, to go and find them. It was great fun for us as grandchildren, and although we knew it was odd in comparison to the things our friends did with their grandparents, it made a kind of happy, fairy-like sense in her realm.

Our Nana also learned rudimentary forms of “Westernized Reiki” energy healing techniques, which were used on and taught to us, in addition to herbal remedies and accessing the energy of pyramids. In my pre-teen years I could see the white, hazy glow around people, which I understood to be a "reflection of a person's soul or spirit." As the skill developed, I could also see it around inanimate objects. As I got a little older and my parents’ religious training influenced much of my thinking, this skill frightened me, as it was NOT part of the teachings, and I felt that I was “wrong.” I forced my gift of seeing auras to recede and fade, and I stopped using the other skills I had learned, thinking that would make me more appropriate. But Spirit-skills do not easily banish, as I learned a few years later!

Teenage rebellion - what a funny ritual we have created for ourselves now that there are no true "rites of passage" to help us understand our own growth and wisdom. I rebelled against my religion, the authority figures, and my own ideas of what a "good girl" is. I dabbled intently in drugs, alcohol, and boys (rapidly graduating to men - even married ones). I say dabbled because I was never truly addicted to any of them, but I was significantly damaged by all of them, and it took quite a bit of healing and time to recover and finally discover Me. The process of doing so came with explosive outbursts of my Spirit-skills, reclaiming me and setting my feet on this Path. The first one came on Labor Day weekend when I was 18 and met for the first time the 31-year-old man who would become my husband. I was at the top of a flight of stairs, and he was at the bottom. We were caught in some kind of tractor-beam time-warp that held us captive for several minutes until the people bottled up behind him got annoyed enough to push past him and break the spell.

The second one came that December when the same man announced with frustration that he could no longer stand by and watch me self destruct as I threw myself in more and more dangerous situations. As the door of my apartment closed behind him, I seemed to hear echoes of innumerable doors slamming shut, over and over and over. I knew something catastrophic had happened. I cried and grieved until two weeks later, when I woke up knowing he was close by. All day I felt him, as if I could turn a corner fast enough and collide with him. When he called "just to check and see if I was okay," I tore down all of the walls, threw out all of the beliefs that I was "only good for one thing” in the lives of men, and opened my heart to him. That was in 1986, and we have been together ever since. He didn't change me or expect me to change for him. He could just see through all of the lies and thinking-errors I had used to decorate my life, and he recognized the truth that was Me. Being held in his love was like being made of crystal, held up in bright sunshine. I was shot through with rainbows, and I could finally see and feel Myself. I grew capable and confident because I saw myself reflected that way in his eyes when he looked at me. I still do.

Leaping ahead, I returned to the religious teachings I had been raised with (which baffles me now!), had three more children to add to my husband’s two, homeschooled the children, worked in scouting, and supported my husband’s construction business - all the while feeling like there was more. I studied my religion deeply and fiercely, investing everything into the ideas that were taught there. Simultaneously, I became increasingly restless and dissatisfied as the feelings of knowing there was so much MORE continued to increase and ricochet around in my heart. The disparity between what my religion taught and my own experience with Divinity had grown so great that something had to change - or else I would break. People in those situations are often counseled by church leadership to put their unanswered questions on a “spiritual shelf” to be answered by God later. My shelf was loaded to an extreme, and one day, it fell.

Having a faith crisis is an interesting ride. Everything that you held dear suddenly crashes all around you in a debris field of dead beliefs and dreams. Stepping out from it is terribly liberating. I use the word “terribly” here because it was both beautiful and grace-filled, and it expanded me in a rather painful manner. Most forms of growth are filled with growing pains, I suppose, and happily I’ve never regretted my choice to move on, nor have I looked back! At this phase of my life I have watched both my parents move on to the other side, and I feel their great love for me and often their input. Grandchildren fill happy hours with more love than I could have imagined. I can see again the hazy white glow of auras and understand why they often appear around inanimate objects. I’ve enjoyed training in several different energy healing modalities, including being a certified ThetaHealing instructor with additional training in Intuitive Anatomy, a Usui Reiki Master, and Dr. Corey Sondrup’s GAMMA techniques. I’ve also studied Hal & Sidra Stone’s Voice Dialogue, Michael Newton’s Soul Journey series, Carol Tuttle’s Energy Profiling System, as well as several other techniques and therapies. I’m also an avid follower of the teachings of Abraham Hicks, and I’m joyously on the lookout for more tools and skills all the time, earning me the label of “eclectic lightworker and intuitive.”

My primary goals are 1) to find Joy in my own Journey and, 2) to assist others in their quest to do the same. I think of myself as “tech support for the soul”™ as I morph all of the healing techniques together into one practice, creating a menu of sorts that is tailor-fit to each client. We do not have the power to really heal or change things in another’s life, but we can hold a focus of someone’s well-being so powerfully strong that they can feel that frequency and grasp it for themselves. In my sessions I intuitively connect to the well-being flowing to my clients from Source and their own Spirit Guide/ Inner Being and ask how I can be of benefit. The answers that come forward are individualized for where the person is currently in their journey. I function as a sort of Tour Guide or Tech Support as I receive and feel those answers and translate and weave them into words, which then evoke images that speak directly to my client’s desire. Through some of the techniques listed above, as well as any I receive in the moment, I then witness my client receive this information on all levels of their Being and make the desired shift in their belief system and understanding.

Helping someone feel their own worth and fall in love with who they really are, sensing the glory and sweetness of their truth, is the most profound and sacred experience I have known. My Journey-Quest is for each of us to recognize this pure, Source-energy Love for ourselves and to “own it and wear it out the door.”

That, for me, is absolute JOY.

So that is my life’s work, ministry, and path: to help others as they release the resistance that encumbers their lives, setting them free to find and choose Joy.

And so it is!