It's a long time to hang in the sky. -John Denver

I have begun so many things with great enthusiasm and wild abandon, only to find the learning curve exceeds by ability to bridge the old place and the new, and writing the old news makes me feel stuck in the past just a bit.  I've decided to reformat the concept of development and expansion; to stop looking at the phases as independent of one another and actually discover what I have suspected all along: the flow that expresses itself between contrasting epiphanies.

So, here I am, attempting to pull the intuitive wisps of insight and happiness from the ether where they have been hanging. I hope that giving them form with words will not make them concrete conceptual stumbling blocks, but rather allows them to be experienced just long enough to be absorbed, adapted, morphed and set free to expand--which is what makes us eternal beings in the first place.

It is a common expression that we are to find 'joy in the journey' by making lemons into lemonade via the spoonful of sugar we call positive thinking.  This is good. Very good. But one of those wisps of insight whispered to me once that being more aware of our emotions allows us to use them as a rudder, steering in a journey that IS joy.

Even our so-called negative emotions have this power.

For the most part, converting emotions into tools of well-being is the work I do and the life I live and the relationships I have and desire more of. It is the way I teach, breathe, think, shower, study, clean up broken glass, do laundry, bury loved ones, fill out paperwork, put gas in the car, make and enjoy a meal, pay bills, work through brain farts and communication snafus. There is the potential for soul-satisfaction and happiness in all aspects of everyday living (you know, 'The Journey'). It all begins and ends with emotions.

I appreciate you sharing a portion of my Path and hope what you find here brings a sweet-spot aspect to your own.